Dealership Insights™

Consolidate and automate your DMS data – optimize your dealerships.

50+ Customized Templates Exclusively for Auto Dealerships

Dealership Insights™ is a solution consisting of 50+ customized reports created with auto dealerships in mind. This suite of applications encompasses all departments from finance and sales to parts and services with customized dashboards to gain a 360-degree view from a high-level down to exact details. 

Taking Your Dealership Data to the Next Level.


Consolidated Data

Digest the data from all of your dealerships on one dashboard. 

KPI-Driven Alerting

Receive data-driven alerts based on the KPIs that matter – updated every 15 minutes.

24/7 Accessibility

View your data at any time on any device, wherever you are.

50+ Customized Reports

Explore your dealerships’ data in pre-built templates that can be customized to your needs.

Secured Data

Secure who has access to your data and limit control within your organization.

Free Test Drive

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Dealership Success Story

Click below to discover how a prominent auto dealer used DI Squared's auto solution to transform their business from disjointed information to a consolidated view of their data.
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