Data Integration

Automate real-time data streaming, cataloging, and publishing with our Data Integration Solution.

Qlik’s data integration platform automates the creation of data streams from core transactional systems. It efficiently moves data to applications, warehouses, and lakes — on premise and in the cloud — and makes data immediately available via an Amazon-like catalog marketplace experience. With Qlik, users get the frictionless data agility they need to drive greater business value.

DataOps for Analytics

Data Integration

Real-Time Data Streaming (CDC)

Extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.

Data Integration

Agile Data Warehouse

Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built cloud data warehouses without manual coding.

Data Integration

Managed Data Lake Creation

Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.

Data Integration

Enterprise Data Catalog

Enable analytics across your enterprise with a single, self-service data catalog.

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