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New Website Release

DI Squared is excited to introduce you to our newly enhanced website. We have made our site more user-friendly and customer-focused. We have added new

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Qlik SaaS Webinar

Click here for the recording.  Watch and listen as Scott Halberstadt takes you through a informative demonstration of Qlik Sense SaaS, download the recording to watch

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Updates to QlikView Site Licensing

Effective May 1, 2021 new QlikView sites will no longer be licensed on a standalone basis using a combination of Client Access Licenses (CALs) plus a server.  Going forward, access to QlikView will be sold as an add on to Qlik Sense Enterprise.  New QlikView customers will purchase Professional, Analyzer or Capacity licenses plus a QlikView Infrastructure add on – which includes Server and Publisher – to either Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Client-Managed deployments.  Consequently, no other QlikView server types will be available, including IAS, SMB and Extranet servers.

Fully approved standalone QlikView Subscription quotes dated before May 1, 2021 will be honored through May 31, 2021.  However, it is important to note this is not an end of sale of QlikView and inot an end of life of QlikView.  Nor is it a major change from what was previously announced, because QlikView Subscriptions only applied to new sites and a very small portion of existing customers. 

For existing QlikView customers, the path forward is and remains the Analytics Modernization Program (AMP).  With the ending of perpetual sales, AMP is the only option for perpetual customers who wish to continue to use QlikView and expand their footprint. 

Going forward, here is a summary of options regarding QlikView:

QlikView Perpetual customers:

  • Continue to renew maintenance and keep their existing entitlements.
  • Take AMP to access QlikView and Qlik Sense under one entitlement and expand on the Professional/Analyzer model.
  • If eligible, perform a onetime remix of QlikView estate to Qlik Sense.

QlikView Subscription customers:

  • Take AMP to access QlikView and Qlik Sense under one entitlement and expand their footprint during their term.
  • Add users on subscription during their existing subscription.
  • Renew of existing subscription will not be offered.  If AMP is not taken before the end of the term, customers may subscribe to Qlik Sense with the QlikView add-on as a new subscription.

New QlikView Sites:

  • Purchase Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS on subscription with the Professional/Analyzer model and add QlikView Enterprise Edition Server and QlikView Publisher to give all users access to Qlik Sense and QlikView, including QlikView consumption in SaaS.
  • Purchase Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed on subscription with the Professional/Analyzer model and add QlikView Enterprise Edition Server and QlikView Publisher to give all users access to Qlik Sense and QlikView.  

Vizlib March 2021 Release

Vizlib announces the March 21 release. All releases are compatible and readily tested with the most up-to-date version of Qlik Sense.

Vizlib Bar Chat v2.9.0

Now, all users can easily adjust the display settings for their Vizlib Bar Chart with enhancements to the Context Menu. No need to go into edit mode or maximize the chart. A hassle-free way for users to adjust chart display, keep the dashboard clean and simple, and drill-down to highlight important data.

Vizlib Calendar v1.9.0

Power up your calendars with additional context in Qlik Sense and turn it into a visual planning and analysis tool!  Analyze metrics and uncover date patterns by displaying a measure value near the date. Highlight certain dates by displaying an icon near the date. Colour code the calendar with Vizlib Heatmap to help you prioritise certain days.

Vizlib Tiles v2.0

Create more impactful tiles in your reports. Add a customised Gauge, Bullet Chart or Progress Bar as a layer to make your data message clearer. Simplify and streamline how you and your team explore data and answer business questions – add extra context, engage users and highlight insights for on-the-go analysis!

Vizlib Writeback Table & Input Form v2.6.0

Introducing a new writeback destination for Vizlib Collaboration: Google Big Query. Use Collaboration in Qlik Sense to directly update, edit, write or insert data into your GBQ data source. And turn your dashboards into operational apps – connecting up your business systems and closing the analytics loop – in the cloud!

Vizlib Gantt v1.9.0

Get streamlined event selection, the ability to display more detail on the chart and save space on the dashboard for essential event components. Intuitive use – select multiple Gantt events and groups in just a few clicks. Add more context – add more detail to the chart with longer milestone labels. More layout control – change the timeline position or enable side by side events to save dashboard real estate.

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