Have Multiple DMS Systems?


There are several top-rated auto DMS software’s out in the market today, all claiming to be the best and having the best features to make your business more profitable.

  • What happens when you acquire another dealership with a different DMS?
  • What is the best practice?
  • Does it cost more money, time, and effort to implement one system and retrain staff?
  • What if they acquired a third dealership?
  • Changing all locations to one DMS just doesn’t seem efficient. Training staff on a new system can cost time and money that could be spent utilizing the already familiar DMS into profitable growth for the business.


According to leading experts, the days of obeying the unwritten “one DMS” rule are over. With time, we have learned that moving to one DMS system usually isn’t the ideal solution for an auto dealership business.
In the past, having one system was crucial for auto dealerships from multiple reasons, the biggest reason being cost. The costs associated with multiple systems were outrageous – so the legacy DMS systems would have you believe. Each DMS wants you to use only their system – that’s just business. But what if you already have those multiple DMS systems? Is it really worth switching all locations to one? We are finding out that the answer to that question is no. 

Having multiple DMS systems can be beneficial. With multiple DMS systems you have different tools and features to help extract data.
  • Say goodbye to the monumental costs of training staff on a new DMS and the time spent implementing and adjusting a new system. Staying with the current DMS provider can make the acquisition easier and in fact, produce a more immediate profit with less employee disruption and no conversion costs.
“multiple dms systems can be beneficial…with different tools and features to help extract data.”


Utilizing a data analytics platform that is DMS agnostic is the key to a multi-location auto dealership’s success. Since all stores use the same process, accounting and scan data can be accessed across any store – no matter what DMS platform is being used. This is beneficial for the corporate to manage all stores centrally. With new products and solutions, the benefits of having multiple DMS platforms now outweigh transitioning all locations to just one.

Implementing a data analytics products like Qlik and integration experts like DI Squared, give you that connecting piece to link with all your DMS platforms and third-party industry data. This enhancement provides you with KPI-driven dashboards, refined, clean data, advanced criteria searches, and the ability to see all information on one screen. 


Different stores have different needs, markets, and business goals. A dealership group that relies on a data analytics platform, like DI Squared gains the freedom to choose the best DMS platform for each store, increasing efficiency, productivity, and improving the overall business.

To learn more about integrating and consolidating your companies’ data through multiple DMS platforms, contact DI Squared today and speak with a consultant to demonstrate how we can streamline your data and help you make data-driven decisions. 

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